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Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

Being highly electrically conductive with no composition of additional metals, copper sheets are popular and mostly used as conductors. Apart from this, it can be easily fabricated while its high resistance against fatigue and corrosion makes it strong and durable.  That being said, you can expect these sheets to be useful for commercial and industrial purposes. Not only this, but it also finds its use in making ornaments and jewelry that are significantly popular in modern fashion.

We Export Copper Sheets to United States (USA), Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Middle-East, Bangladesh, Nepal etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the hot-rolled steel sheet?

Steel that has undergone a roll-pressing process at a high temperature is known as hot rolled steel. Hot rolled steel is steel that has been roll-pressed at temperatures exceeding 1,700°F, which is higher than the temperature at which most steels re-crystallize.

Why is hot-rolled steel used?

Due to its high level of strength and formability, hot-rolled steel is frequently employed in agricultural equipment. Depending on the steel quality, the formability of hot-rolled P&O can range from simple bends to intricate draws. The strength that hot-rolled gives is necessary for harvesters, tractors, and other agricultural equipment.

Is hot-rolled steel strong?

Hot-rolled steel is very valuable due to its ability to bend, although it is not as strong as the other. Cold-rolled steel does not go through the same process that makes hot-rolled steel malleable and simple to deal with.

Cold rolled or hot rolled, which is stronger?

According to statistics, cold-rolled steel is around 20% stronger than hot-rolled steel. Steel is compressed during the cold-rolling process to produce a lower density but better tensile strength. The outcome is a metal that is more durable and suitable for high-stress applications than hot-rolled steel.

Which type of steel is better, hot or cold rolled?

Cold-rolled steels are often stronger and tougher than normal hot-rolled steels in terms of physical properties. As the metal is formed at lower temperatures, work hardening increases the steel’s hardness, resistance to tension breaking, and resistance to deformation.

What differentiates hot and cold rolled steel sheets?

The temperature at which they are processed, as mentioned above, is the primary distinction between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel. Cold rolled steel is rolled below the material’s recrystallization temperature, as opposed to hot rolled steel, which is rolled above the temperature.

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