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Galvanized Sheet

Ideally, made using steel, galvanized steel sheets are equally important compared to other types mentioned on the list. That being said, depending on the process used for galvanization, there are two kinds of sheets, namely hot-dipped metallic coated and electro-galvanized sheets.

Hot Dipped Metallic Coated Sheet
Pre-treated through a hot-dipped process, these sheets are also referred to as cold-rolled hard steel plates. Furthermore, they are coated well with good-quality zinc for strength and durability. In fact, anti-fingerprint coatings are applied as well.
Electro-Galvanized Sheets
The base metal used in the preparation of this kind of sheet is cold rolled annealed steel. But how is it made? Like the name suggests, the base steel metal is electroplated with a pure and thick layer of zinc. However, instead of being dipped, the metal absorbs the zinc coating. Coming to the cost, electro-galvanized sheets are more expensive compared to hot-dipped metallic coated sheets. Furthermore, they are mostly used in mechanical applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the galvanized sheet?

Regular steel sheets coated in zinc to prevent corrosion are known as galvanized steel. Regular steel is formed of iron, which rusts when exposed to moisture, such as rain or air humidity. A steel component will deteriorate from rust over time until it breaks.

What is galvanized iron sheet?

Galvanized iron (GI) sheets are essentially zinc-coated steel sheets. These sheets come in a variety of hot-dip and electro-galvanized steel sheet options. It reacts with the environment to offer protection similar to that of basic steel.

Where is a galvanized sheet used?

Corrosion-resistant nuts, bolts, and nails are made from galvanized steel. When plastic piping is insufficiently sturdy, it is utilized for outside pipes. It is used for bus stop benches, balconies, verandas, staircases, walkways, and ladders.

How may the GI sheet be used?

Uses for GI Sheet
A versatile commodity with several applications is galvanized steel sheet. 1. The construction sector includes products like roofing sheets, wall panels, fences, gutters, roof grills, balcony panels, window frames, warehouses, rolling doors, door panels, pipelines, and a variety of other items.

What does galvanized serve as?

The steel underneath is protected from the elements by a physical barrier that is created by a galvanized coating and is metallurgically linked. With an adhesive strength that is up to seven times more than that of organic paint coatings, this coating is incredibly strong and long-lasting.

How is galvanized sheet made?

Prepared goods are galvanized by submerging them in molten zinc. Upon immersion in the galvanizing bath, the steel surface is completely coated by the molten zinc, which interacts with the steel to generate a sequence of layers of zinc-iron alloy.

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