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Copper Sheet

Being highly electrically conductive with no composition of additional metals, copper sheets are popular and mostly used as conductors. Apart from this, it can be easily fabricated while its high resistance against fatigue and corrosion makes it strong and durable.  That being said, you can expect these sheets to be useful for commercial and industrial purposes. Not only this, but it also finds its use in making ornaments and jewelry that are significantly popular in modern fashion.

We Export Copper Sheets to United States (USA), Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Middle-East, Bangladesh, Nepal etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are the uses of copper sheets?

It is frequently used in construction, particularly for projects involving outside roofing. For instance, copper sheet works well for a variety of roof forms due to their malleability. Both the margins of the roof and chimneys may be readily bent. HVAC and automobile parts are both made from copper sheets.

How is a sheet of copper made?

Smelting is required for copper goods.
After the processing process, pure copper must be smelted to be formed into coils, sheets, and other shapes. Copper is subjected to the intense heat that flash furnaces, which are oxygen-enriched for very high temperatures, produce.

Where is the copper sheet made?

It was found far earlier than gold and silver, making it one of the earliest metals. China, Chile, and Peru are three significant producers of copper. Even though the United States has its copper mines, it nevertheless imports from foreign nations to meet its huge need for metal.

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