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Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

Another type of steel sheet, manufactured by deforming steel into sheets. So, how is it done? In this process, a metal alloy, in this case, steel, is placed between two rollers to produce a fibrous sheet.

Uses of Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

Despite being a non-recognized industrial-grade metal sheet, its improved strength and finishing make it widely used for projects requiring precision. Let us now take a look at some of its uses:
• Ideally used in the manufacture of metal furniture and home appliances.
• Construction of garages, industrial buildings, steel sheds.
• Commonly used in making school lockers and metal filing cabinets.

We Export Cold Rolled Steel Sheets to United States (USA), Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Middle-East, Bangladesh, Nepal etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is cold-rolled sheet steel?

In essence, cold-rolled steel is hot-rolled steel that has undergone further processing such as annealing or tempering. Compared to hot rolling, cold rolling creates a steel with tighter dimensional tolerances and a larger variety of surface treatments.

What differentiates hot and cold rolled steel sheets?

The temperature at which they are processed, as mentioned above, is the primary distinction between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel. Cold rolled steel is rolled below the material’s recrystallization temperature, as opposed to hot rolled steel, which is rolled above the temperature.

Which type of steel is better, hot or cold rolled?

Cold-rolled steels are often stronger and tougher than normal hot-rolled steels in terms of physical properties. As the metal is formed at lower temperatures, work hardening increases the steel’s hardness, resistance to tension breaking, and resistance to deformation.

What is the purpose of cold rolling?

For tasks where accuracy is crucial, cold-rolled steel is perfect. For applications requiring a moderate pull, the metal is easily formable. It’s perfect for usage in various household appliances and metal furnishings because of this. This metal is frequently used to make school lockers and file cabinets.

Can cold-rolled steel be welded?

Both hot and cold-rolled metals may be welded successfully, but you should be aware that after welding, cold-rolled metal will resemble hot-rolled metal in appearance and certainly in other ways.

Does cold-rolled steel have a mill scale?

They can get cold-rolled steel, which is manufactured without a mill scale because of the way it is made. However, this material is more costly and might not be offered in as many thicknesses and/or specifications.

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