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Brass Sheet

Before knowing about brass sheets, it is important to know the basic composition of brass. So, for most of you who don’t know, brass is an alloy manufactured primarily using copper and zinc.
Like the previous two types of metals, brass is also highly corrosion-resistant with high durability and tensile strength. For this reason, you will notice that it is highly used for industrial purposes. In fact, despite being strong, you will be surprised to know that it is lightweight compared to other alloys. A pretty rare combination, right?

Furthermore, depending on the amount of copper and zinc used during the manufacturing process, five types of industrial-grade brass sheets can be obtained. So, let us take a quick run-through: • Red brass sheet.
• Naval brass sheet.
• 330 brass sheet.
• Cartridge brass sheet.
• Free machining brass sheet.

We Export Brass Sheet to United States (USA), Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Middle-East, Bangladesh, Nepal etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the purpose of a brass sheet?

When a thin, robust metal sheet or plate is required, brass sheets and plates are employed. These may be produced and shaped in a wide variety of sizes and forms. Brass coils are utilized in electrical devices and parts because they can carry electricity and withstand corrosion.

What is a brass sheet?

Brass Sheet is cold-rolled material that is less than 3/16″ [5.00 mm] thick and less than 24″ [600 mm] wide. Brass Strip is cold-rolled material that is less than 3/16″ [5.00 mm] thick and less than 24″ [600 mm] wide. Brass Clad plate: Brass Clad plate is a composite steel plate created by joining Brass plates, etc.

How is a brass sheet made?

When making brass, molten metal is combined with raw components, which are then allowed to harden. The characteristics and design of the solidified parts are then modified through a series of controlled procedures to create the finished “Brass Stock” product.

What is a brass plate?

Each member of the wide family of wind instruments, which includes the trumpet, trombone, French horn, and others, is made of a brass tube that is directly blown via a cup- or funnel-shaped mouthpiece. b. (sometimes used as a plural) musical instruments from this family making up a section.

From what is brass made?

Copper and zinc make up brass, whereas copper and tin, occasionally with additional elements like phosphorous or aluminium are thrown in, making up bronze. Since around 500 BC, brass is thought to have been employed largely for ornamental purposes.

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