Best Socket Weld Fittings Manufacturer in India

We are leading Socket weld Fittings manufacturer and we offer our socket weld fittings in a wide variety and different dimensional size ranging upto 200NB.

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Socket Weld Fittings Manufacturer in India

Teshi Group is a leading Socket Weld Fittings Manufacturer in India. Our range of Socket Weld Fittings is exclusively designed for several piping applications of various industries Such as Petroleum, Chemical, Hydraulic, Food, Metallurgy, Mechanical Equipment, Industrial Furnace, Valve accessories and Pipe Fittings and Other Industries.  We have types of socket weld fittings that include socket weld pipe fittings, socket weld elbow, socket weld cross, socket weld cap, socket weld coupling, reducing insert and so on. Socket weld fittings are designed and developed in accordance with the IQS (International Quality Standards). We also offer customized socket weld fittings as per the customer’s requirement.

Teshi Group is a Leading Supplier of Socket Weld Fittings in India

Teshi Group is a major supplier of Socket Weld Fittings in India. Teshi Group is India’s most reliable Socket Weld Fittings supplier in India. Our high-quality Socket Weld Fittings, sensible customer service and in-house Socket Weld Fittings processing capabilities have made us one of the emerging and leading suppliers of Socket Weld Fittings in India. Teshi Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified & IBR approved company that has existed since 1981. Teshi Group is a worldwide prime Socket Weld Fittings manufacturer. So, we are known as one of the top-rated Socket Weld Fittings manufacturers in India.

Types of Socket Weld Fittings

Socket Weld Fittings Specification, Grades & Material

Socket Weld Fittings
Socket Weld Fittings Types
Socket Weld Pipe Fittings, Socket Weld Elbow, Socket Weld Cross, Socket Weld Cap, Socket Weld Coupling, Reducing Coupling, Reducing Insert, Socket Weld Union, Sockolet.
3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS
1/2"NB TO 4"NB IN
Socket Weld (S/W) & SCREWED (SCRD) – NPT, BSP, BSPT
Socket Weld Fittings
Carbon Steel
ASTM A234 Gr. WPB ASTM A420 Gr. WPL6 ASTM A105 ASTM A350 Gr. LF2
Stainless Steel
ASTM A403 WP316/316L ASTM A403 WP304/304L ASTM A182 F316L, 304L

Socket Weld Fittings
Dimension Standards

ASME B16.11, IS 1879, MSS : SP - 79 / 83 / 95 / 97 / 43 / 114, etc.

Socket Weld Fittings Packaging & Delivery Details

Pay Mode Terms- L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Bank Transfer), Other

Port of Dispatch- Any Port from India

Packaging Details- Socket Weld Fittings are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client’s as good as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.

Tax- 18% GST only for domestic delivery. No GST for other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

When would you use socket weld fittings?

In contrast to butt weld fittings, Socket Weld fittings are mainly used for small pipe diameters (Small Bore Piping); generally for piping whose nominal diameter is NPS 2 or smaller. To join pipe to Valves and fittings or other sections of pipe, fillet-type seal welds be used.

What is a carbon steel plate?

What is the standard setback for socket weld fittings?
On a socket weld, it’s 1/16″ and can be established with a special spring. The offset between welds cannot be greater than 1/8″. When welding a slip-on flange, the pipe or fitting is set back from the face of the flange at a distance equal to the wall thickness -0″ +1/16″.

What is the minimum gap allowed for a socket weld fitting?

The socket weld pipe fittings should ensure an expansion gap of 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) between the pipe and the shoulder of the socket.

Do socket weld fittings have a schedule?

They are made as per ASME B16. 11. Socket weld fitting comes in a pressure rating of 3000 pounds, 6000 pounds, and 9000 pounds. Loosely, they are related to 3000 pounds is roughly schedule 80, extra heavy; the 6000 pounds is roughly scheduled 160.

Why does socket weld need a gap?

A gap between the two pipes in a socket weld means the difference between a good weld and a bad weld. Socket welding gap rings are used to eliminate cracked welds by providing a space for the pipe to expand into as it becomes warmer. The more heat is applied, the more materials tend to expand and soften.

What is the difference between socket weld and fillet weld?

Socket weld (SW) is the welding method of pipeline insertion. It welded two different sized pieces of pipe; the smaller one is inserted into the large one. The weld is completely in the periphery of the large pipe and it is a fillet weld.

What is the difference between fitting and welding?

Sometimes another distinction is that fitters specialize in fitting piping together which is something that welders typically do not do. Another difference is that fitters have more experience in reading blueprints than a welder.

What are the differences between Socket weld and Butt weld?

Socket Weld (SW) fittings are defined in the ASME B16.11. As with socket weld, a pipe is inserted into a recessed area of the fitting. Both the pipe and the fitting are square cut, with no need for a beveled end or preparation other than cleaning the outside, which allows easy welding and installation. Butt weld (BW) fittings are defined in the ASME B16.9. They are welded at their ends to the pipe end, with the same thickness as pipes. The end of butt weld fittings shall be beveled.

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